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Mar 24, 2013 9:00pm PDT
evening, i'm baits bait. a north bay teenager was remembered as a memorial. marcus johnson was killed last weekend when his cousin lost control of a race car. >> with heavy, heavy hearts we come here today, not with all the answers but with a lot of hurt. >> a memorial with marcus johnson here at santa rosa bible church. his life was kron called on stage from infancy to basketball to a go-cart racer. they had a loving and supportive relationship. his short life touched hundreds of people. they gathered at the church to honor and celebrate his life. his mother deanna johnson was deeply touched. >> i'm overwhelmed by the number of people that are here. he would be overwhelmed i think he would say, wow, cool. >> he was killed march 16th when a sprinted car driven by his cousin chase johnson malfunctioned. the car geared off the track killing mar kiss and a supporter. his mother mentioned taking him to school each day. >> it's going to be really hard taking him to school and picking him up every day. every day i pass middle rincon road and have tears in my eyes. >> they talked abou
Mar 17, 2013 9:00pm PDT
car is going that fast. >> he hit his cousin mar marcus johnson and also killed was 68-year-old from grass valley. they were at the penngrove home was the sign saying privacy to deal with the horrible tragedy. friends left flowers at muffler shop that the father owns here in santa rosa. 11-year-old michael is also an award sprint car driver. as a father his death has hit him hard. >> he was sweet kid, i know that his dad loved him very much. >> he was always nice and nice to talk to. >> michael said he is sad in his passing but he will continue to race. chase outside of the two fatalities no one was injured. the sheriff's department is investigating. >> carolyn: four people suffered minor injuries after a small pickup truck slammed into a thrift store in vallejo. it happened on sonoma boulevard around 2:00 this afternoon. firefighters evacuated 40 people from that store. you can see the impact knocked out a large part of the store's front doors and sent merchandise flying. paramedics treated people at the scene and there is no word when the store might reopen. >> happening now in sac
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2